Literally Hardcore

New Uptown Dallas Pilates studio brings old-school method back to workouts

New Uptown Pilates studio brings old-school method back to workouts

Pilates Methodology
Pilates Methodology opens May 19 in Uptown. Photo courtesy of Pilates Methodology
Pilates Methodology
Pilates Methodology offers classes based on the original teachings of Joseph Pilates. Photo courtesy of Pilates Methodology
Pilates Methodology
Pilates Methodology

Real Pilates is hardcore. That’s the motto of the newest Dallas studio, Pilates Methodology, set to open May 19 in Uptown, across the street from the future Whole Foods.

Led by co-owners Rachael Lieck Bryce, a certified instructor, and Gwen Chapman, the highly trained staff is dedicated to Power Pilates, so they strip down the workouts to the fundamentals. Joseph Pilates, the father of Pilates, teaches there is no need for crazy, loud music or other distractions. Bryce says they intend to differentiate the studio from others in Dallas by focusing exclusively on this old-school approach.

“There has been a craze over the past few years that moved away from the original, authentic Pilates method, which Joseph Pilates called Contrology,” she says. “We named our studio Methodology, because we want to bring it back to the roots.”

As the name suggests, Contrology refers to the art of controlling your body, the idea that one can create change through movement and determination. Bryce promises you will feel a difference after 10 sessions, see a difference after 20 sessions and have a whole new body after 30 sessions. We’d call that pretty hardcore.

Bryce also believes the atmosphere of this studio, which took her more than a year to find, lends itself to a great workout.

“Methodology is located in a cool, old house that is more than a century old, and we chose a vintage vibe mixed with a little modern flair,” she says. “We think Joe would approve.”

This is Bryce’s third Pilates studio; she sold her first two. She says this third time is a charm.

“I often get asked if I just like opening studios, and I think through this process I have determined, in fact, I do,” Bryce says. “I love the creativity of developing the brand, the look and feel, but the common thread that has not changed is my determination to teach the community that real Pilates is hardcore!”

Mat classes are $18 for a single session or $135 per month for unlimited sessions. In addition, Pilates Methodology offers equipment classes, such as Power of Tower, Universal Reformer, and Man The Reformer for $35 each.

Classes are limited to 10 students, so instructors can give everyone individualized attention. The best part? During the grand opening week (May 19-May 25), classes are free.