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Texas Google Trends reveal uncanny interest in herpes, meth and zombies

Texas Google Trends reveal weird interest in herpes, meth and zombies

Estately has crafted perhaps the greatest list of the Internet age: the most searched-for terms by state. Using data from Google Trends, the real estate site has crafted a hilarious — and weird — look into the things we Google when no one is looking.  

Here in Texas, we wrestle with big questions: "Are dinosaurs real?" "Are zombies real?" "Do I have herpes?" "Can dogs talk?"

We also have an affinity for methamphetamine, searching for "meth recipes," "how to cook meth" and "krunk" more than any other state.

 Texas searches for "meth recipes," "how to cook meth" and "krunk"  more than any other state.

Other weird things Texans wonder about include "boogers" (why?), "how to sell your soul to the devil" and "calf implants." 

Lest you think Texans are alone in our disturbing searches, take comfort in knowing that most other Americans are just as freaky. In Kentucky, for example, they search for the lyrics to "Happy Birthday." (Just let that sink in for a moment.)

When it comes to cars, Floridians are interested in "Mazda Miata," which makes sense because, you know, Miatas are the sad man's dream convertible. Oklahoma residents search for PT Cruisers the most.  

In terms of food, Illinois beats New York for "pizza," proving once and for all that, well, we don't know what it proves. Naturally, Texas was first in taco searches, but New Mexico ranked No. 1 for "Frito pie."

Unicorns are also a big thing: Idaho denizens search for them most often, while Washington State residents are looking for "unicorn tattoo."

Utah seems to be having some sort of internal conflict, coming in No. 1 for "The Church of Latter Day Saints," "kama sutra" and "Weird Al Yankovich" queries. And apparently everyone's spinster aunt lives in Wisconsin: The state came in No. 1 for "Beanie Babies," "menthol cigarettes," "Mike's Hard Lemonade" and "Oprah's Book Club."

To see the full (and hilarious) list, head to Estately

Shaun of the Dead zombies
Texans are pretty interested in zombies. FanPop.com