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Gov. Rick Perry wins appeal to provide major disaster funding to West, Texas

Gov. Rick Perry wins appeal to provide major disaster funding to West

Texas Gov. Rick Perry has announced the state's appeal of the "major disaster declaration" has been approved, and FEMA has reversed its earlier decision not to provide major disaster funding to the city of West.

In June, FEMA said it wouldn't provide the requested $40 million in disaster aid for the town, though the agency later vowed $2.8 million to rebuild schools. The reversal comes just a day after President Barack Obama signed an executive order for increased safety and oversight measures at chemical plants. 

In an official statement, Perry praised the decision.

The approval of the state's appeal for a major disaster declaration is great and welcome news for the people of West. I appreciate everyone who joined me in standing with the people whose lives have been forever impacted to move this appeal forward, especially our congressional delegation. This, along with the disaster relief funding provided by the Texas Legislature, will help this community rebuild their infrastructure, school district and public works as quickly as possible.

West, Texas explosion remains
The fertilizer plant explosion in West, Texas, killed 15 and injured more than 160 in early April. NBC36TV/Twitter