Deadly Force

Off-duty Dallas police officer fatally shoots armed man outside gas station

Off-duty Dallas police officer fatally shoots armed man

An off-duty Dallas police officer shot and killed a man after a disturbance at a gas station around 12:40 am August 27. The victim's name has not yet been released.

The incident marks the sixth police shooting this month and the 12th for the year thus far. There were a dozen police shootings for all of 2013. 

According to police, the violence began when an argument broke out between two people at a gas station in the 13700 block of North Central Expressway. Employees reported that a shot was fired before the off-duty police officer got involved in the situation.

A deceased man was located at the scene, and a vehicle was seen racing out of the parking lot. The off-duty officer followed the suspect vehicle and noticed an armed man.  

"The officer gave specific directions to the suspect regarding the firearm. The suspect then took an action that made the officer believe he was in imminent danger," Dallas police said in a statement.

The officer, who has also not yet been named, fired his weapon, resulting in the suspect's death. Police said a firearm was recovered at the scene. 

This is the second deadly police shooting of an armed man this week. On August 25, officer Rogelio Moreno shot and killed Steven Douglas, 29. The aggravated kidnapping suspect led officers on a car and foot chase to the intersection of Lake June and Prairie Creek roads in Dallas.

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Dallas police officers have been involved in six shootings this month — half of all incidents for 2014.