Longhorniest Party School

Playboy knows those UT Longhorns like to party

Playboy knows those UT Longhorns like to party

As any past, present or future Longhorn knows, UT students can party. They party at night and during the day (sometimes in Day-Glo outfits!). They party before football and after. They party when it's warm out and even for those few days in January when it's cold. Longhorns can rage. 

Well, the party gods have seen this hard work and recently bestowed the ultimate honor: The University of Texas at Austin has been named Playboy's No. 9 top party school in the nation.

Deeming it "the longhorniest school" (brilliant), Playboy pays homage to UT's sprawling campus, Austin's penchant for hosting an insane number of festivals every year and the magic of Dirty Sixth Street. 

We do take issue with one thing: "The quintessential spot is the Aquarium, where dancing on the bar is encouraged," the article reads. Because we've been out of school too long to verify, we must trust that coeds are in fact hanging out at Aquarium.

So raise a glass, Longhorns — and hook 'em. 

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UT is ranked a top party school by Playboy. Photo courtesy of UT Athletics