Kimmel Loves Austin

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's simple and sweet love letter to Austin

Watch Jimmy Kimmel's simple and sweet love letter to Austin

Editor's note: This comes from our sister site in Austin, which is dealing with the aftermath — good and bad — of SXSW.

There is no doubt that Austin is a different city today than it was a few days ago. There is a tangible hangover permeating the city — not from cans of Lone Star, but from watching tens of thousands of people roll into town and change the cultural landscape.

The countless fights, the public drunkenness and the mass chaos that resulted from one man making a horrendous decision has left a city changed, with a little more innocence stripped away.

It is tough to make much sense of the last 10 days. From the corporate sponsorship to Gaga's antics to SXSW's underlying culture of alcohol consumption, journalists have written countless op-eds, and citizens have taken to social media to ask, "What does it mean?"

Jimmy Kimmel doesn't answer any of that. He doesn't contextualize or analyze or attempt to be the first to get on record. Instead, during his fifth and final taping at the Long Center, Kimmel spouts off the lessons he's learned about Austin. He spends a couple of minutes sharing a few of the best things about our Capital City — from the greatness of a haircut accompanied by Lone Star to the kindness of its citizens. 

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Jimmy Kimmel shot his show from the Long Center in Austin during SXSW. Courtesy photo