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State Fair of Texas moves opening day parade out of downtown Dallas

State Fair of Texas moves opening day parade out of downtown Dallas

State Fair of Texas parade
The parade will take place at the home of the State Fair. Kevin Brown/State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas, which lives by tradition, is changing one: It will move the location of its opening day parade.

After decades of having the annual Opening Day Parade proceed through downtown, like a real parade is supposed to do, the State Fair is shifting the location to its home turf at Fair Park.

According to a release, the parade will now take place in Fair Park, to accommodate other events and activities planned as part of the start to the 24-day State Fair.

It will start at 12 noon, with marching bands, fanfare, the whole deal.

The release says that the Opening Day celebration has grown substantially in the past few years. Moving the parade inside the fairgrounds allows more people to join in the festivities and puts the focus on Fair Park.

"We think this is a change that a lot of fairgoers will enjoy, as they can focus their attention on events in Fair Park that day," says Mitchell Glieber, president of the State Fair of Texas, in a statement. "Since we will have two parades on Opening Day, there will be the opportunity for daytime and nighttime visitors to take part in the celebration."

The State Fair will also take certain popular elements that have participated in the downtown parade and incorporate them into the noon parade on the fairgrounds. It will not be like the other smaller parades the Fair hosts every night.

Opening Day is September 27. The traditional State Fair of Texas Opening Ceremony will be at 7 pm in front of the Hall of State in Fair Park.