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Telekinetic coffee shop, cute Corgi pup and more links we love right now

Telekinetic coffee shop, cute Corgi pup and more links we love

Editor's note: There's so much that's beautiful, funny, smart and informative on the Internet. Problem is, there's also a bunch of garbage. Here's the best of the web right now.

1. The greatest coffee shop prank of all time involves telekinesis. In the world of pranks, the devil really is in the details. This elaborate rouse at a West Village coffee shop plays out flawlessly thanks to spring-loaded book shelves, invisible wires and some very convincing acting. It's so deliciously entertaining, we don't even mind that it's all just a ploy to plug the new Carrie movie. 

2. Proof that Corgi pups look cutest when struggling. This adorable gif has racked up nearly half a million views in less than a day, and with good reason. The little fluff ball nearly manages to ascend the table when he comes tumbling down in slow motion. Just try to stop watching it. We dare you. 

3. Thirty-two parents who nailed it on Halloween. With its costumes and candy, All Hallows Eve really is a holiday all about the children. But that doesn't mean adults can't have some fun in the process. Clever parents, take note: Here are 32 costumes sure to provide more entertainment than a bed sheet ghost get-up. 

4. Ten easy things scientifically proven to make you happier. Even though we live in times of unparalleled wealth and leisure, all that time spent sitting in offices and battling traffic has a negative effect on our mood. Science says our brains work better (and bring about positive emotions) when we spend more time outside, sleeping, mediating, and being with friends and family. Weekend in the woods, here we come. 

5. Breaking Bad fan group places Walter White obituary in Albuquerque Journal. Okay, we admit it. Sunday night just hasn't been the same since Breaking Bad went off the air for good. As beautiful as the finale was, we're still seeking closure, and we might have found it in the Albuquerque Journal. RIP, Walt. 

Corgi puppy
If you think this puppy is cute now, wait until he falls down.
Kid dressed as Don Draper
This kid dressed as Don Draper isn't unhappy. He's a method actor. Photo courtesy of