Texas on Top

Texas tops list of the nation's best places to be a nurse

Texas tops list of the nation's best places to be a nurse

NuMe nurse
High salaries and loads of job opportunities make Texas a great place to be a nurse. Photo courtesy of NuMe Express

Texas is the land of opportunity for nurses of all kinds, according to WalletHub's latest study. The financial website explored what it is like to both live and work as a nurse in all 50 states, plus D.C., and Texas comes out on top — third overall.

The Lone Star State boasts the third highest average starting salary for nurses ($2,414 per month) and the fifth highest annual salary (adjusted for cost of living). Registered nurses and nurse practitioners in Texas are doing even better. They have the second highest mean wages — $75,475 and $113,629, respectively — in the nation. 

Not only is the pay good, nurses are in high demand across Texas. Currently, there are less than 11 nurses per 1,000 Texans and about 132 nursing job openings per 100,000 residents. However, those pursuing this bright profession should note that Texas has the second lowest share of the nation's best nursing homes and the third lowest number of healthcare facilities per capita. 

Regardless, the medical field in Texas is thriving. Austin, Houston, Dallas, and San Antonio rank among the best cities for registered nurses, and the Lone Star State is tops for doctors.