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Epic Texas company deemed one of the most innovative in America

Epic Texas company deemed one of the most innovative in America

Epic Provisions protein bar flavors Austin brand
Epic Provisions offers tasty, nutritional bars and bites in a variety of unique flavors. Epic Bar/Facebook

Each year, CircleUp unveils the most innovative companies in America, and the 2015 roundup includes one epic Texas brand. Among a lineup dominated by companies that promote cleaning eating, active lifestyles, and social awareness is an Austin-based brand that embodies all three: Epic Provisions.

The 25 most innovative companies, which were revealed by Forbes, were selected by a group of industry professionals from a preliminary list of online submissions. These brands, says CircleUp, are redefining key aspects of our lives, such as how we eat and what we wear.

According to CircleUp, Epic Provisions is disrupting a market overrun by processed foods and leading a movement toward health-conscious snacking. The local company offers simple protein bars and snacks that are rich in nutrients and quality ingredients, heralding the paleo diet philosophy before it became so trendy.

Each Epic bar features organic, grass-fed meats without controversial additives such as grain, soy, and dairy. Combine the guilt-free ingredients with unique flavors like Bison Bacon Cranberry, Chicken Sriracha, and Pulled Pork Pineapple, and you have treats that are healthy and tasty.

Since Epic Provisions' founding by Taylor Collins and Katie Forrest in 2012, the company has grown to include a wide range of meaty products, including shareable bites and trail mixes. Epic's snacks are now available at big-name retailers like Whole Foods Market and REI.