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Some of the nation's highest paying tech jobs are right here in Dallas

Some of the nation's highest paying tech jobs are right here in Dallas

Dallas skyline Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge
Tech salaries in Dallas aren't too shabby. Photo courtesy of Dallas CVB

The salary from that high-paying tech job in Dallas goes further here than almost anywhere else, according to a new report from Indeed.

The job site's research branch, Hiring Lab, ranked the 15 most popular tech towns in the country based on income data from 15 tech jobs. Salaries were adjusted for cost of living to generate a report that shows the highest paid tech jobs in real terms — and where they can be found. 

In Dallas, the average tech salary, adjusted for cost of living, is $88,717, the fifth highest on the list. Dallas also boasts the highest adjusted salary for devops engineers, $103,161. Other high-paying Dallas tech jobs include software architect, IT security specialist, software engineer, web developer, and app developer; each salary ranks among the five highest in the category.

Indeed notes that Dallas, along with Austin and Salt Lake City, offers the best value to employees and employers alike. Labor costs are lower to businesses, but the compensation provides a higher standard of living for workers.

Austin has the highest average salary (adjusted for cost of living), at $95,247, ahead of major tech hubs Seattle (No. 2, $91,242) and San Francisco (No. 3, $90,457). Chicago is right ahead of Dallas, with an average salary of $89,091.