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Ben Doherty and Zac Maurais of Favor Delivery
Zac Maurais (left) and Ben Doherty, Favor Photo courtesy of Favor
Adam Jacoby of Austin's Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile
Adam Jacoby, Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile Photo courtesy of Jacoby's Restaurant & Mercantile
Adam Kraus of Dallas Autumn Ball
Adam Kraus, Dallas Autumn Ball Courtesy photo
Andyshea Saberioon and Ricky Johnson of PledgeCents
Andyshea Saberioon (left) and Ricky Johnson, PledgeCents Photo courtesy of PledgeCents
Anne Gardner of Austin's Cilantro Lime
Anne Gardner, Cilantro Lime Photo courtesy of Cilantro Lime
Cooper Anderson Top Texans Under 30
Cooper Anderson, Austin Winery Photo courtesy of Cooper Anderson
Ross McLauchlan Top Texans Under 30
Ross McLauchlan, Austin Winery Photo courtesy of Ross McLauchlan
Dr. Dakota Carter
Dr. Dakota Carter, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston Courtesy photo
Dominik Stein
Dominik Stein, Verts Mediterranean Grill Photo courtesy of Dominik Stein
Hunter Pond of East Hampton Sandwich Co.
Hunter Pond, East Hampton Sandwich Co. Photo by Joy Zhang
Jason Bornhorst of Patient IO
Jason Bornhorst, Patient IO Photo courtesy of Patient IO
Jenna Saucedo-Herrera of San Antonio Economic Development Foundation
Jenna Saucedo-Herrera, San Antonio Economic Development Foundation Photo courtesy of San Antonio Economic Development Foundation
Jon Alsup of OpenKey
Jon Alsup, OpenKey Photo courtesy of Jon Alsup
Kathleen Perley of Decode Digital
Kathleen Perley, Decode Digital Photo courtesy of Decode Digital
Katie Fang Top Texans Under 30
Katie Fang, SchooLinks Photo courtesy of Michael Discenza
Handbag designer Kelly Wynne Ferguson
Kelly Wynne Ferguson, Kelly Wynne Handbags Photo courtesy of Kelly Wynne
Lizzie Velasquez Top Texans Under 30
Lizzie Velasquez, author and motivational speaker Photo courtesy of Lizzie Velasquez
Mariame Aana, Top Texans Under 30 2016
Mariame Aana, Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Photo courtesy of Mariame Aana
Matt Alexander of Edition Collective
Matt Alexander, Edition Collective Photo courtesy of Edition Collective
Mohamad Maarouf of KIPP Houston High School
Mohamad Maarouf, KIPP Houston High School Courtesy photo
Nick Marino Jr. of Tango Tab
Nick Marino Jr., TangoTab Courtesy photo
Paul Hedrick of Tecovas
Paul Hedrick, Tecovas Photo courtesy of Tecovas
Bravelets founder Stephanie Hansen
Stephanie Hansen, Bravelets Photo courtesy of Stephanie Hansen
Whitney Wolfe of Bumble
Whitney Wolfe, Bumble Photo by Andrew Chan