Get Paid While You Travel

New car-sharing biz wants to pay you to park at Dallas Love Field airport

New car-sharing biz wants to pay you to park at Dallas Love Field

If the idea of your car sitting unused for days in airport parking drives you crazy, then FlightCar might just be for you. The so-called "car-sharing company" officially launched at Dallas Love Field on November 18.

FlightCar lets customers enjoy free airport parking and earn cash by renting out their unused cars to other approved members. The service includes $1 million in property and liability insurance.

 Even if FlightCar does not rent out your vehicle, members get free airport parking and a car wash.

"If you list your vehicle with FlightCar, you are completely covered. There is no deductible. Your personal insurance coverage is never on the hook," co-founder and president Kevin Petrovic said in a statement.

The service includes free drop-off and pick-up for owners and renters. Even if FlightCar does not rent out your vehicle, members who list their car get free parking and a car wash.

Rates vary depending on the type of car, but they start at around $15/day. That's about half the price of traditional rental car companies.

Car owners can expect to earn around $10 per day if their vehicle is chosen. All vehicles are cleaned and tested before being rented out and cannot be older than a 1999 model.

FlightCar launched in 2013 and already is available at airports in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Boston and Seattle. Dallas Love Field joins a newer wave of airports that also includes Philadelphia International Airport and Washington Dulles in D.C. The company, which is run by a couple of Ivy League dropouts, boasts big-name investors such as Ryan Seacrest and Ashton Kutcher. 

FlightCar is the latest unorthodox transportation option in Dallas. ZipCar, another member-based company, launched at Dallas Love Field in May. It rents cars by the hour or the day at a price that includes gas, insurance and 180 miles worth of travel. 

FlightCar rentals start at $15/day. Courtesy photo