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Traxo travel app keeps your focus where it should be: on enjoying your vacation

Traxo travel app keeps you focused on enjoying your vacation

Frantic travelers can relieve some of the stress that connecting flights, rental cars and hotel reservations can induce with Dallas-based travel app Traxo, which is designed to help users manage every aspect of getting from point A to point B. It’s like having a personal assistant in your pocket.

Traxo originally was created in 2010 by Andres Fabris, a University of Texas and Harvard Business School alum, as a tool to match users’ trips with any overlapping travels by friends or family members. But he quickly saw it evolve into a more serious travel organizer.

 “We’re the one-stop shop to manage all those important details, so you can travel organized, relax and focus on enjoying your trip,” says Traxo founder Andres Fabris.

“Because the travel market is so fragmented — people book flights, hotels, car rental, ground transportation, restaurant reservations and activities across many different travel sites — it’s becoming harder and harder to keep track of all those details,” Fabris says. “Traxo simplifies all that; we’re the one-stop shop to manage all those important details, so you can travel organized, relax and focus on enjoying your trip.”

Traxo, available for free on iPhone and Android, aggregates travel accounts, enabling users to effortlessly organize hotel, flight and car reservations. Even in the booking phase, Traxo guides users to hotels that are recommended based on their unique preferences.

“We take into account your preferred location, hotel brands, star ratings and price points,” Fabris says. “We also show TripAdvisor destination information, including reviews of restaurants and top activities, integrated directly within your Traxo itinerary.”

Fabris explains that the app recognizes every step of your trip. For example, when you land at the airport and turn on your phone, the Traxo app automatically displays your car rental confirmations and membership numbers. When you’re in your car, Traxo provides directions to your hotel. All of your mileage and loyalty points are updated and displayed for easy access.

In addition to updating itineraries automatically, Traxo makes it easy to share travel plans and changes with friends and family. You can also access your account from the website as well as the app.

Changes this year have included contextually aware mobile apps and flight status updates. A new website is on the immediate horizon — “same great features but we’ve completely redesigned the experience to make it even more intuitive,” says Fabris, who adds that Traxo will continue to evolve to make users’ trips even more streamlined.

“If we’ve done our job right, future versions of Traxo will even be able to magically anticipate your intent.”

Traxo travel app
Traxo organizes all aspects of your travel plans. Courtesy photo
Traxo travel app
Flight status is a new Traxo feature. Courtesy photo