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Bravo's million-dollar Realtor Josh Flagg talks high-rise living and the importance of reputation

Bravo's million-dollar Realtor Josh Flagg talks high-rise living and the importance of reputation

Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg really sees his grandmother about twice a week. They live in the same high-rise apartment.  Josh Flagg/Facebook
Josh Flagg
Flagg's favorite drink is a dirty martini.  Photo by James Edward Photography
Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg has built a reputation selling high-end real estate in elite areas like Beverly Hills.
Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg
Josh Flagg

Josh Flagg is a force, both in real estate and on TV. The star Realtor of Bravo's Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles has been in the business since he was 18. Flagg is most recognized for his high-dollar home sales in some of the most elite areas of California, such as Beverly Hills and Brentwood Park. Ten years later, he is living up to the brand he built on and off the screen.

When we heard Flagg was in town for the 2013 Great Big Texas Home Show to speak about prepping a home for resale, we sat down to chat with the published author, who loves nothing more than his grandmother and traveling the world. Here's a little insight into the world of Flagg.

CultureMap: When did you decide that real estate should be your career? 

Josh Flagg: I always loved looking at houses, architecture and design — it was just kind of my calling. 

CM: How do you find balance with a busy schedule, between the television series and your business? 

JF: You have to enjoy your life, and I have a lot of people working for me, so that's how I balance my schedule. But I'm always busy, always on the phone, just always busy. 

CM: What was it like to come out on Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles

JF: It was very good; I had very good feedback. It's Bravo — the demographic is very accepting, so it was fine and easy. 

CM: From the show it seems like you and your grandmother spend quite a bit of time together. How often do you really see her? 

JF: I see her at least twice a week, but I talk to her on the phone, and we go out to dinner. She lives in the same building. 

CM: What's the best piece of advice she's given you? 

JF: Just to be honest and fair to anybody around you, because your reputation is the most important thing.

CM: What's the funniest experience you've had on the job?

JF: Probably one time I was showing a house [to a client]. I was walking around the pool and fell in it. I had to put the owner's bathrobe on. I did the rest of the showing in the bathrobe. [When my client] bought the house, [they] sent me a pair of swimming trunks.  

CM: If someone is on a budget, what is the one room you suggest fixing up before selling it? 

JF: The kitchen. That's where everyone congregates; it's the center of the house. 

CM: What is the most important thing to think about when purchasing a first or second home?

JF: Location, location, location. If it's your first home, you might want to sell it one day. 

CM: Why do you prefer a high-rise to living in a house? 

JF: I like the full-service amenities. They can bring me my car and my groceries. It's a totally different way of living, more like a hotel. When you have a house, you don't have any of that.

CM: How would you describe your style? 

JF: Eclectic. Contemporary, but eclectic. 

CM: What's your favorite pastime? 

JF: I love to travel. I've been to close to 50 countries. I love going to new destinations, but I always go to the South of France in the summer. 

CM: Where will you be visiting while you're in town? 

JF: I'd like to go to the Dallas Museum of Art. I'm going to the French Room at the Adolphus. 

CM: Your favorite drink? 

JF: Dirty martini. 

CM: In another life, what would you be doing? 

JF: I think the same thing. I love what I do.