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How Dallas stacks up to America's best places to own a home

How Dallas stacks up to America's best places to own a home

7316 Meadow Rd. in Dallas
Dallas ranks No. 21 on a new list of the best places to own a home. Photo courtesy of Ebby Halliday/Shoot 2 Sell

It's the best real estate market for investors, but Dallas is a mediocre spot to own a home, according to a new report.

In conjunction with Redfin, recently released a list of the best places to own a home in America. surveyed U.S. homeowners on a range of topics (from safety to taxes) and gathered insight from Redfin real estate agents to determine the rankings. 

Dallas ranks No. 21 out of the 67 cities studied. The overall ranking comprises 10 category ratings of which Dallas has three positive showings. We're No. 3 for economic opportunity, No. 8 for tax fairness, and No. 15 for resident satisfaction. However, Dallas lands at No. 55 for climate, No. 54 for commute, and No. 44 for security and safety. 

Still, Dallas fares best among the Texas cities on the list. San Antonio follows at No. 28, while Houston (No. 40) and Austin (No. 48) are the worst.

The happiest homeowners, it seems, are living it up in Denver, Colorado. Other top places to own a home are Grand Rapids, Michigan; Washington, D.C.; Virginia Beach, Virginia; and Rochester, New York.