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High-profile splits sure help the real estate market: Dallas divorces and the homes left behind

High-profile splits sure help the real estate market: Dallas divorces and the homes left behind

Now that the economy is pepping up, is everyone booking appointments with their divorce attorneys? All I know is the D-word delights the luxury Realtors in Dallas: cha-ching, a home sale! Let's take a look at the most memorable divorces in Big D and how their collective real estate fared:

Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens announced this week they are calling it quits. First I said, "Oh no." Then I checked MLS; the Pickens home on Alva Court has not yet hit the market.

Troy and Rhonda Aikman split in late 2010. Their house was on the market and just went off. Rhonda bought a home in Preston Hollow.

Mike Modano and Willa Fordwhat in the world? All I can say is, if being a hot model, having a gorgeous Preston Hollow home and owning those precious golden retrievers isn't enough, then what is? Modano and Ford filed for divorce in August. As of this writing, their home has not hit the market.

Ed and Lee Bailey split in 2011. If I ever get a divorce, Lee Bailey is the first person I'm calling. She dumped Ed and bought Braden Power's party mansion on Turtle Creek — and promptly put the swimming pool back in the foyer. You go, girl! (Much better trade.)

Nancy and Norman Brinker divorced in 2003 after 20 years of marriage. Norman kept the house the dynamo couple shared on Alva Court, just up the street from the Pickens' manse. He lived in Alva Court with wife no. 3 until the day he died; now she still can't seem to shed it. 

Meanwhile, over in Tarrant County, Sean and Beth Peyton filed for divorce in June. I just have to wonder if that disco had anything to do with it. Recall the Peytons bought a 7,785 square foot home on Brazos Drive in Vaquero with everything, including pool, master study, gameroom, and disco with a lighted floor and glass ball. Too much living on the wild side?

T. Boone Pickens and ex-wife Madeleine
Madeleine and T. Boone Pickens recently announced they were ending their marriage.
Troy Aikman and ex-wife Rhonda
Rhonda and Troy Aikman split in late 2010.
Mike Modano and Willa Ford
Willa Ford and Mike Modano filed for divorce in August 2012.