Super Bowl Bars

8 TV-laden Dallas bars to watch Super Bowl commercials. And the game.

8 TV-laden Dallas bars to watch Super Bowl commercials. And the game.

Seattle Seahawks QB Russell Wilson
Quarterback Russell Wilson looks to lead the Seahwaks to a second consecutive Super Bowl win this Sunday.  Seattle Seahawks/Facebook

Finally, after two weeks of Ballghazi pseudo-science and sports writers' temper tantrums over Marshawn Lynch's exposing them, Super Bowl weekend is here. That means it's time for beer and wings and commercials and somewhere in there, maybe a football game.

Although a watch party at a house or apartment is fun, it also means bringing things. Skip the dip-making and chili-cooking and head to one of these bars for a stress-free Super Bowl.

Christie's Sports Bar
With more than 40 TVs, Christie's is Uptown's premier sports bar. You won't find a bad view in the house, and there are plenty of extracurricular activities to entertain during halftime. Buckets and wings are the name of the game, so keep them coming.

Katy Trail Ice House
It's going to be packed, especially if the weather is wet and windy as expected and only the bravest of the brave venture outside. Expect to get here early if you want a table, and by early we mean you'll probably have to Sunday Funday from brunch to kickoff. Expect to fend off waves of desperate latecomers looking for a spot. Show no mercy.

Knox Street Pub
Lots of TVs, $14 buckets of beer and all-day happy hour put Knox Street Pub on this list. Of course, $10 large pizzas and Fireball Jell-o shots set it apart from the others. Get there early and make one giant table to rule them all.

Milo Butterfinger's
If you want to drink like a college kid, Milo Butterfinger's is the place to be. Grab a pitcher for yourself, start making prop bets with your friends, and play some darts or pool. You'll be so fratty. Just make sure you call a pledge (or Uber) for a ride after.

The Nodding Donkey
The State Thomas Nodding Donkey's 17 flat screens (including three 70-inchers) are ready for Uptowners. Plus, bowls of chili ensure you get the Super Bowl staple without cooking it and having every dude trying to give you tips about how much better it is with just a little corn. Get out of here, corn guy.

The Owner's Box at Omni Dallas
It might have a $25 cover (gross), but with TVs everywhere, including a 16-foot screen, this is the upscale Super Bowl party. Throw in Seattle Seahawks smoked salmon pizza and New England Patriots clam chowder, and this is a one-of-a-kind watch party.

The Rustic
Like Katy Trail Ice House, The Rustic is expected to be packed if the rain doesn't let up. Fortunately, it's $12.95 for all-you-can-eat wings during the game, and there's a 25-foot flat screen, so you can see each replay in perfect detail.

Time Out Tavern
The TOT is about as low-key as it can get for the Super Bowl, but that's part of its charm. The other part is the fact that it's happy hour all day and free food while supplies last. After that, it might be time for a Campisi's run.