Wheels Off Biscuits

New food truck Bite My Biscuit puts gourmet spin on everyone's favorite baked good

Bite My Biscuit food truck puts gourmet spin on favorite baked good

Bite My Biscuit food truck
Bite My Biscuit sandwiches are made on biscuits with high-end ingredients like arugula. Photo courtesy of Bite My Biscuit
Bite My Biscuit food truck
Bite My Biscuit food truck has such a shiny silver facade. Photo courtesy of Bite My Biscuit
Bite My Biscuit food truck
Bite My Biscuit food truck

Guess what the theme is of the Bite My Biscuit food truck. Biscuits! You win. This new Tarrant County food truck takes an original angle by serving scratch-made biscuit sandwiches, sides and desserts.

Just about everything on the menu is biscuit-based, from a burger on a biscuit all the way to biscuit doughnuts for dessert. Biscuits!

You can spot the foodie cred of Bite My Biscuit almost instantly: One sandwich, the "BBLFGT," is an upscale twist on a BLT with arugula on it. What other food truck uses arugula? It's like a neon sign that reads, "Serious gourmet action happening here."

 "I knew we could do a menu where we could use biscuits as a vessel — like tortillas, but better," says co-owner Grant Lambdin.

Owners Candice and Grant Lambdin have the chops. Grant, whose background includes stints at the Colonial Country Club and the Chop House in downtown Fort Worth, is a graduate of the prestigious Johnson & Wales culinary school in Rhode Island. Candice previously worked in hospitality and event management. The food truck is a spin-off of their previously established catering business.

"There's so many taco trucks, barbecue trucks, and we wanted to stand out," Candice says. "We were having a discussion with my dad, who grew up in Virginia, and he remembered a place that served homemade biscuits and used the leftovers to make sandwiches. Biscuits are good no matter what. We realized we could totally do a biscuit theme."

Grant immediately saw the versatility. "I knew we could do a menu where we could use biscuits as a vessel — like tortillas, but better," he says.

In addition to the unique biscuit theme, the couple uses creative ingredients to further add distinction. That BBLFGT biscuit sandwich has bacon, arugula, fried green tomato and balsamic creme fraiche. "It's either extremely popular or nobody orders it at all," Candice says. "Customers either love it or they're not interested."

The burger on a biscuit has bacon cream cheese, candied jalapeños and MarjiGee's Kitchen spicy pickles.

"Early on, we realized we both like cream cheese," Candice says. "Out burger is already spicy, but the bacon cream cheese is something a little different. Everybody's into bacon right now. It's chopped and blended into the cream cheese."

They use chicken thigh for the chicken biscuit sandwich, because they say it's more moist and flavorful than chicken breast. They also do sandwiches with pork and hanger steak.

They make their biscuits with buttermilk and cold butter, and they cut them into squares, which make a better shape for a sandwich. "Our biscuits are a little crumbly on the outside, but the inside stays moist," Candice says. "We split them in half and put them on the flat-top with butter before we make a sandwich."

Desserts include biscuit bread pudding and biscuit doughnuts, which consist of biscuit dough that's been dropped into the deep fryer, like a funnel cake but with a denser texture, with chocolate ganache for dipping. They also do a gnarly "sweet potato frites" with shredded sweet potatoes that they deep fry and drizzle with a marshmallow brandy cream sauce.

Bite My Biscuit already makes monthly appearances in Weatherford at "trade days" events, and the couple hopes to be part of a growing new food truck scene in Fort Worth.

"Dallas has a lot bigger food truck scene than Fort Worth right now," Candice says. "Fort Worth has a few parks, and they're getting their stuff together. Hopefully we're on the cutting edge."