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Dallas coffeehouse reimagines pairing dinners in new monthly series

Dallas coffeehouse reimagines pairing dinners in new monthly series

Method Coffee
Method Coffee is hosting its first monthly coffee dinner on March 27. Method Coffee/Facebook

On any given week, local food enthusiasts can find a wine, craft beer or cocktail dinner to attend. Now they can put coffee dinners on the rotation thanks to Method.

The Bryan Place craft coffee joint is hosting its first official five-course coffee dinner on March 27, in conjunction with Spirited Cooking. Cost is $70 per person for a crowd up to 16.

Method owner Louie Corwin says that the new monthly series will show off Dallas’ burgeoning coffee scene.

“It’s new territory,” he says. “We’re going to be experimenting and trying new things out. Every course is going to have a coffee element to it, whether we use coffee in the food realm or coffee pairings or start off with coffee cocktails.”

Corwin is keeping the menu close to his vest, but he did mention a steak-and-potatoes dish that was part of a test dinner in February. The tenderloin was rubbed with espresso, and the barbecue sauce included brewed coffee.

Starting with April’s dinner, Method plans to bring in Lorenzo Perkins of Austin’s Cuvee to help illuminate the finer points of craft coffee.

“As large as it is, Dallas doesn’t have a large craft coffee scene,” he says. “There’s so much more room to grow. We’re all in competition with Starbucks, so we’re going to take this time to look at how we’re going to share and grow and see what our voice is going to be.”