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Ritz-Carlton, Dallas rethinks room service with new Texas menu

Ritz-Carlton, Dallas rethinks room service with Texas menu

The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas has introduced a new, customizable in-room dining menu showcasing flavors specific to the Lone Star State. Guests can also select dishes from the Fearing's menu, made famous by executive chef Dean Fearing.

Texas grapefruit brûlée tops the list of Texana breakfast items. All-day offerings include chilaquiles with smoked short rib hash, mini elk sausage corn dogs with Dr Pepper barbecue sauce, short ribs braised in Shiner Bock, and Texas pecan pie.

The customizable portion allows guests to design their own burgers, salads, pasta and breakfast dishes. The make-your-own-burger selection features a range of meats, cheeses, toppings, condiments and vegetarian options.

Customizable salads include choice of lettuce (tossed or chopped), meats such as shrimp and beef tenderloin, and cheese and vegetables. Pasta preferences may be indicated for the pasta itself; meat; sauce; cheese; and vegetables, such as olives, artichokes or grilled zucchini.

Hotel guests can also order select dishes from Fearing's, including Dean's tortilla soup, barbecued shrimp taco, apricot barbecue-glazed quail, and maple and black peppercorn-soaked Buffalo tenderloin on Brazos Valley grits.

Steak, Fearing's
New in-room dining options include Fearing's dishes such as buffalo tenderloin on Brazos Valley grits. Photo courtesy of Ritz-Carlton