It's a Wrap

Starbucks adds new menu items that are both convenient and healthy

Starbucks adds new menu items that are both convenient and healthy

We may love Starbucks for its espresso beverages, hot and cold, but the coffee majordomo has another menu expansion that fits in with the modern-day healthy-eating trend. On March 31, the chain introduces two new wrap sandwiches designed for lunch and dinner.

There's the Thai-style peanut chicken wrap and the edamame hummus wrap, both weighing in under 500 calories.

"Our customers are looking for convenient, delicious, grab-and-go options with wholesome ingredients," said Starbucks VP Clarice Turner in a release.

The edamame hummus wrap has spinach, zucchini and bell peppers layered in a creamy herb spread, and it's cut into pinwheels so it is portable and easy to eat while on the go. It's paired with a creamy roasted tomato sauce and sesame flax crackers.

The Thai-style peanut chicken wrap has grilled chicken, vegetables, ginger cream cheese and chile lime spread.

Starbucks has one wrap with egg whites, spinach, feta cheese and tomatoes that's pitched as a breakfast item. A staffer at the Lakewood store said the wrap is among the chain's most popular products.

"We sell out of it pretty quickly, it's so convenient," the staffer said. "We've heard from customers who wanted more options."

Starbucks wraps
Starbucks expands its menu with two new wraps. Photo courtesy of Starbucks