Chocolate Surprise

Kate Weiser to open her own Dallas chocolate shop at Trinity Groves

Kate Weiser to open her own Dallas chocolate shop at Trinity Groves

Kate Weiser, the Dallas chocolatier who did notable work for Chocolate Secrets on Oak Lawn Avenue, is launching her own eponymous spot at Trinity Groves. Kate Weiser Chocolates is slated to open in the fall, and Weiser will be sampling her artisanal chocolates at a tasting event at Trinity Groves on May 30.

At her new spot, she'll be doing filled chocolates, sometimes called bonbons, as well as fudge. Her chocolate will come from Valhrona.

"We'll focus on familiar flavors with a new twist," Weiser says. "It'll taste like something you grew up with, but presented in a way you've never seen before. My bonbons will be homey, like Key lime pie, but done in an artistic, hand-painted way. I'll be doing fudge, but presented in beautiful, bright colors."

She's been working with contractors and designed her kitchen "from top to bottom," she says. "It's about 1,000 square feet, and it'll have an open kitchen so that customers can see us making chocolate back there. I've been involved in every facet. I've been meeting with web designers, the packaging company. I'm having so much fun."

Chocolate Secrets will keep all the recipes she devised while she worked there. Her work there was always beautiful, represented by her boxed chocolates, frequently painted in jewel-tone colors. She calls her departure "bittersweet," which is a good word to use in the world of chocolates.

"Without the knowledge and experience I gained there, I would not be here," she says. "The process I'm going through now with opening my own place is easier because I learned so much there. It was hard to leave, and I love everyone there. But I'm excited about the change."

Chocolate Secrets chocolates
Kate Weiser's chocolates for Chocolate Secrets were always beautiful. Chocolate Secrets/Facebook