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Sigel's liquor store at Skillman and Abrams to close

Sigel's liquor store at Skillman and Abrams to close

The Sigel's liquor store on Abrams Road at Skillman Street will close on June 29, with a 20 percent off sale to clean out the merchandise. Spokesman Jasper Russo emphasizes that this is a single-store closure, due to a lost lease.

"This is because of the previously announced closure of Tom Thumb," Russo says. "We're not closing any other stores."

The Tom Thumb closed on June 1. At one time, it was a higher-end Simon David store, which tells you something about how chichi that neighborhood once was. The area has definitely seen better times.

"I think it's a situation where the neighborhood is in transition," Russo says diplomatically. "We've had this store for 20 years. They're tearing down a lot of the older apartments and building new ones, and I think the owner of the center is going to redevelop as well."

The SuperTarget across the street has a large grocery store, and more recently a WalMart store opened down the road on Skillman. Tom Thumb is shifting its attention to its nearby store at Skillman Street and Audelia Road, with an expansion and remodel.

Russo offers a reminder of other Sigel's, such as the one at Abrams and Buckingham roads and the store at Greenville Avenue. No discounts there, however. "The sale is limited to the Abrams store only and only what's on hand," he says.

Sigel's in Northeast Dallas lost its lease. Sigel's / Facebook