Dining and Boozing

Dallas is adding restaurants and bars faster than almost anywhere in the nation

Dallas is adding restaurants and bars faster than almost anywhere else

Interior of Bolsa restaurant in Dallas
Dallas-Fort Worth is one of the fastest-growing places for restaurants, bars and hotels. Photo courtesy of Bolsa

There's no denying that Dallas is a hotbed for restaurants and bars (though some may not always survive). A new study from SelfStorage.com shows just how quickly the number of local restaurants, bars and hotels is growing.

The study on the fastest-growing places for "dining, snoozing and boozing" ranks the U.S. metro areas with the highest growth rates for restaurants, hotels and bars per 1,000 residents from 2005-2013.

Over the nine-year period, the growth rate in Dallas-Fort Worth was 12.3 percent, making it the No. 6 fastest-growing place for on the dine-snooze-and-booze list. In 2005, we had 1.78 restaurants, bars and hotels per 1,000 residents. In 2013, the number jumped to 2.00. 

Three other Texas cities are on the list, and the fastest-growing may come as a surprise. El Paso ranks No. 3, just behind New Orleans and New York City. El Paso's nine-year growth rate was a whopping 14.13 percent. Houston lands at No. 7, followed by Austin at No. 9. 

They're growing fast, but Dallas is also ranked higher in population than any other Texas city on the list, so naturally we have more people to shelter and satiate.