Cold-Weather Drinking

These Dallas bars warm you up in more ways than one

These Dallas bars warm you up in more ways than one

HG Sply Co. cocktail
Sip a Moscow Mule by the fire on the rooftop of HG Sply Co. Photo courtesy of HG Sply Co.
Kennedy Room fireplace
Enjoy the old-school stylings of the Kennedy Room and relax by the fireplace.  Photo by Marc Lee
Katy Trail Ice House with fire pit
Katy Trail Ice House's fire pits are perfect for a chilly Saturday afternoon on the patio.  Photo by David Harrell
HG Sply Co. cocktail
Kennedy Room fireplace
Katy Trail Ice House with fire pit

Cold weather gives us a hankering for two things: alcohol and fire. They just go together like peanut butter and jelly. Or alcohol and anything.

Building off our 2013 list for 6 best Dallas bars with fireplaces, we've come back with six more places that keep us warm in more ways than one.

It really makes you feel for Prometheus. Guy gave us fire and what does Zeus do? Chains him to a mountain and has an eagle eat his liver every day. That's the kind of big-picture irony that only a god could think up.

Blackfriar Pub
It's an Irish pub on McKinney Avenue, so if you go on a Friday or Saturday night, you are going to have to surrender any notion of personal space. At any given moment inside the house-turned-bar, you can be sandwiched between two strangers also trying to get the bartender's attention, and everyone will act as though your bodies touching is perfectly normal. For a bit of fresh air, the patio out front offers actual elbow room. Heat lamps abound, but grab a spot next to the fire pit, which is a prime perch for people watching too.

Henry's Majestic
The Uptown spot with its own secret bar, Henry's Majestic is also made for cozy drinking. The rustic fireplace inside is a perfect spot to sip your It's A Wonderful Life with warm chocolate and toffee-infused Jameson with bold roast coffee, Amaro whipped cream and nutmeg. If you're feeling brave, there is a fire feature that runs inside the outer wall on the enclosed patio to keep the cold and the sober far away.

HG Sply Co.
This Paleo-centric eatery on Lower Greenville positions itself as the place to be for the wannabe Hemingways and Teddy Roosevelts of our modern age. It could be posturing or compensation, but the idea that size matters carries weight here. Thankfully for (super manly) fire, HG Sply Co. has a 9,000-square-foot rooftop patio complete with gorgeous fireplaces. Throw in a view of the downtown skyline and some bison long ribs and howl at the moon.

Katy Trail Ice House
The expansive patio off Katy Trail overflows when the sun is out, thanks to the large goblets of beer coming from inside Ice House, but a wintery evening of corn hole is just as nice thanks to the massive fire pits in the back. There's the more formal fireplace, complete with bench seating, closer to the flat screens if you need to watch the game, but the bench seating and relatively quieter setting closer to the trail makes for good opportunity to get close to your significant other. Just keep your hands above the blankets that Ice House provides.

Kennedy Room
This little nook of a bar in the corner of the Montaigne Club on Maple Avenue is all about ambience. Its quiet coziness carries a slight air of sophistication thanks to all that woodwork and old-school charm. It's the kind of place perfect for a cold, rainy day where you can set yourself on the couch in front of the fireplace, sip your whiskey and pretend you're a Kennedy in New England in the '50s.

Ozona Bar & Grill
If you can get past the fact that Ozona is mere yards away from the nest of SMU bars, or that Ozona itself often has its share of college kids reveling in their youth and untouchable livers, you'll find a bar that's equally impressive inside and out. Grab a seat by the fireplace inside if it's muy frío outside, or explore the multilevel patio and find a place near a fire pit or the see-through fireplace — which is just a fancy fire pit.

Klyde Warren Park's Savor provides one of the most unique settings in Dallas, with its floor-to-ceiling glass walls that make it feel as though you're outside. But you know what's even better than pretending you're outside? Actually being outside, on one of the lounge couches around a swanky-looking fire feature. The fires may not give off as much heat as some others on this list, but you won't be able to look nearly as cool anywhere else.