McKinney Avenue Drama

Goodbye, Bellinis? Sfuzzi restaurant in Uptown Dallas closing or moving off McKinney

Goodbye, Bellinis? Sfuzzi Uptown's future looks uncertain

Sfuzzi restaurant in Uptown Dallas
What will happen to Sfuzzi Uptown's sexy, swanky dining room? Sfuzzi Uptown/Facebook
Peach bellini
Sfuzzi's Bellinis will soon be history on McKinney. Reese Lloyd
Sfuzzi restaurant in Uptown Dallas
Peach bellini

UPDATE: We spoke to manager Brandon Hays and the original story has been updated to reflect his comments.


If you live in Uptown and you want your frozen Bellini, you're destined for disappointment. Sfuzzi, the restaurant known for that sweet peach-flavored slush, is on the move.

Owner Robert Colombo was unavailable for comment. A staffer at the Las Colinas location confirmed that its sibling branch was closing before quickly ending the phone call.

But manager Brandon Hays said that the Las Colinas Sfuzzi is a franchise and not a reliable source, and that a closure wasn't necessarily the resolution of the restaurant's current problems.

"That's wrong that we're closed," he said. "I was there last night. It's possibly more of a January thing, or we might be moving, not closing."

Colombo re-booted the chain in 2010 on McKinney Avenue, across the street from where the original was located back in the late '80s. The thin-crust pizza and house-made pasta didn't win any best-of awards, but the restaurant has a busy patio and late-night scene.

On December 17, staffers for La Reve Consultants, Colombo's management company that also owns the Standard Pour lounge and Villa-O restaurant in Travis Walk, were still touting Sfuzzi's "Red Monday" event and inviting "unescorted ladies" to enjoy a complimentary three-course meal. (Standard Pour is owned by R&R Capital and is independent of La Reve.)

They also have plans for the holidays: On December 11, they created a New Year's Eve event page on Facebook.

Colombo has weathered other shut-downs, including the 2011 closure of Trece, the upscale Mexican restaurant in Knox-Henderson, which he opened with partner Bill Solomon and pro-golfer investor Tommy Armour III.

In 2012, Armour issued a disgruntled tweet about Sfuzzi, saying, "It's stupid to have 25 year anniversary parties when you haven't been open for 25 years!!! Sfuzzi!!!!!"