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Show your alcohol smarts wherever you go with wine in a can

Show your alcohol smarts wherever you go with wine in a can

Friends Wine in a Can
Take Friends wine in a can to the beach or anywhere else canned beer is allowed.  Friends Wine In A Can/Facebook

Wine is grand. It’s the classy way to catch a buzz, and it makes everything you say sound so erudite in a way that beer or liquor rarely can. But toting around wine is a hassle.

Glass bottles are cumbersome and prone to shattering, and although schlepping a bag of Franzia certainly has its time and place, a sloshing bag isn’t exactly the pinnacle of convenience. To solve this problem there is wine in a can from Friends Fun Wine.

The six canned Fun Wine options include moscatos like peach, rosé and white as well as red and white sangrias, all checking in at 6 percent alcohol.

There is also a pair of Friends Just Wine versions, which are heartier options at 12 percent alcohol. The two blends, Cabernet Merlot and Chardonnay Sauvignon, are 50/50 combinations produced in Southern France, so you know they’re good.

It’s impossible to say if Friends got the idea from Sofia Coppola or the gang in Philadelphia (see the Trivia section), but the ability to take some wine to the beach, to a tailgate or on a hiking trip means that all parties can have their boozy choice to take the edge off at the end of the day. Which is why wine was invented.