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Strictly Dumpling Mike Chen
YouTube reviewer Mike Chen is kind of a big deal and now he lives in the Dallas area. YouTube
Harper Caron
Harper Caron, RIP.  Facebook
Hotel Vin igloo bubble
Life inside the bubble.  Photo courtesy of Hotel Vin
Cosmic Cafe
Cosmic Cafe was quirky in a city of shiny.  Cosmic Cafe
Slices pizza
It's hip to be square. Slices
Shake Shack burger and fries
Guess who the new guys were at NorthPark. Go on, guess. Photo by Evan Sung
H-E-B grocery store
Big, very big, supermarket news last spring.  Photo courtesy of H-E-B
Popocatepetl Y Iztaccihuatl mexican romeo juliet
One of the Casa Rosa murals depicts Popocatepetl and Iztaccíhuatl, the Aztec Romeo and Juliet. Photo courtesy of Saatchi
BrainDead Brewing in Deep Ellum
Braindead had a splendid patio and also supported local artists. BrainDead Brewing/Facebook
Taco Diner
No more Taco Diner tacos in Las Colinas. Courtesy photo