DTX Good Eats 2012
No meat, no fuss

Vegans rising: Texas State Veggie Fair at Reverchon Park draws record crowds

The third annual Texas State Veggie Fair at Reverchon Park continued its growth streak. Organizer James Scott estimates that the 2012 fair drew about 5,000 attendees, nearly double last year's turnout.

"It's difficult to say how many exactly because we didn't get brochures or wristbands to everyone, which was our counting method," he says. "But it was certainly bigger than last year, and I'm confident in the estimate of about 5,000 at least."

The fair celebrated veganism and compassion for animals, with more than 70 kiosks dedicated to vegan foods and fashion and animal rescue groups. Food vendors included the crew from Spiral Diner (pictured).

The day began with a fried-food contest judged by vegan pioneers such as James Johnston (far left), co-founder of revered vegan restaurant Spiral Diner, and Ken Botts (second from right), founder of the UNT vegan cafeteria. Also on the judging panel were CultureMap Dallas staffer Rachael Abrams (second from left) and Gene Baur, founder of Farm Sanctuary in New York.

Fried tiramisu cheesecake won for Best Taste; Frito chili pie won for Most Creative.

Yoga classes were among the perks at the Texas State Veggie Fair at Reverchon Park.

Some dogs have all the luck, like this pair who got carted around at the Texas State Veggie Fair at Reverchon Park.


Texas State Veggie Fair hosted a record-breaking number of kiosks, vendors and attendees.

Vegans — those who eat no animal products whatsoever, including milk, cheese and eggs — still comprise a small percentage of the population. But the diet has become increasingly visible, thanks to an embrace by well-known figures such as President Bill Clinton.

Fried-food contestant Sabali Mpozi prepared an excellent fried "calamari" with vegan aioli and spicy marinara.

Booths at the Texas State Veggie Fair included this one where you could pay $1 and get a "kiss" from this friendly pit bull.

One of the hottest tickets at the Texas State Veggie Fair was the demo by the Vegan Black Metal Chef, known for his over-the-top videos. He prepared buffalo seitan, pad Thai and aloo palak (Indian spinach and potatoes) for standing-room-only crowd of devotees.