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7 sweet spots in Dallas to have a s'more(gasbord)

7 sweet spots in Dallas to have a s'more(gasbord)

The minute it becomes cold outside, we start reminiscing about campfires and that gooey, chocolate-marshmallow goodness: s'mores. So we uncovered seven sweet spots for enjoying our favorite childhood dessert — from traditional presentations complete with flames to unconventional yet equally delicious interpretations.

Tillman's Roadhouse
The casual, kitschy eatery is known for tableside s'mores for the team ($16), with homemade maple, strawberry and orange marshmallows; cinnamon grahams; and dark chocolate bark. Roast your marshmallows over a mini flame, assemble the goodness and enjoy. As the name states, this dessert is for sharing. 

Cavalli Pizza
Cavalli does a s'mores pizza with chocolate hazelnut spread, graham crackers and marshmallows. The pizza comes in two sizes — small ($7) or large ($10) — so you can have one all to yourself or bring along some other sweet tooths. 

Cane Rosso
Neapolitan pizza meets Boy Scout campfire in the s'more calzone ($10) at Cane Rosso. That famous crust gets filled with chocolate, marshmallow and caramelized sugar for a treat that sends your taste buds straight back to childhood. 

Tu-lu's Gluten-Free Bakery
Tully Phillips has a way with gluten-free desserts. Unlike a traditional s'more, you can hold a mallomar ($3.65) — graham cracker and marshmallow round coated in chocolate — in one hand without the mess. Better still, mallomars are portable. 

Sandbar Cantina
The do-it-yourself s'mores kit ($5) comes with four graham crackers, four marshmallows and one Hershey's chocolate bar. Take it outside and roast your own marshmallows over the fire pit of this beachy cantina.

The s'mores fondue crock ($5.25) — with strips of glazed graham crackers that you dip into a marshmallow-chocolate sauce concoction — is presented by a server who unwraps the crock to reveal the roasted marshmallow covering on top. 

Rush Patisserie
The s'mores un-cupcake in a jar ($7) is one of the most unique ways of eating the nostalgic treat. It's not for sharing — which is just how we like it.

S'mores at Tillman's Roadhouse in Dallas
Tillman's Roadhouse does traditional, sharable s'mores, but the marshmallows — in flavors like maple and strawberry — are homemade. Tillman's Roadhouse/Facebook
Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free Bakery
Tu-Lu's Gluten-Free bakery is making s'more-handling easy with mallomars.  Facebook.com/Tu-Lu's Gluten Free Bakery
Rush Patisserie s'mores in a jar
Rush Patisserie has un-cupcake s'mores in a jar.  Photo courtesy of Artizone