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Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Michael Dylan
Ekaterina Kouznetsova, Michael Dylan Photo by WJNPHOTO
Nalin Desilva, Jessica Nowitzki
Nalin Desilva, Jessica Nowitzki Photo by WJNPHOTO
 Anne Stodghill, Kary Brittingham, Kara Goss
Anne Stodgehill, Kary Brittingham, Kara Goss Photo by WJNPHOTO
Peter Doroshenko, Justine Ludwig
Dallas Contemporary director Peter Doroshenko and deputy director and chief curator Justine Ludwig Photo by WJNPHOTO
Kourosh Nouri, David Simmons, Alan Simmons
Kourosh Nouri, David Simmons, Alan Simmons Photo by WJNPHOTO
David Scheinmann, Harvey B. Brown
Artists David Scheinmann and Harvey B. Brown, with their work from the auction. Photo by WJNPHOTO
  Chuck Steelman, Scott Kehn
Chuck Steelman, Scott Kehn Photo by WJNPHOTO
James Aston, Kimberly Aston.
James Aston, Kimberly Aston Photo by WJNPHOTO
Melissa Enriquez, Lucrecia Waggoner
Melissa Enriquez, Lucrecia Waggoner Photo by WJNPHOTO
Heidi Dillon, Jane McGarry
Heidi Dillon, Jane McGarry Photo by WJNPHOTO
Max Trowbridge, Chuck Steelman
Max Trowbridge, Chuck Steelman Photo by WJNPHOTO
Bina Patel, Dr. Nimesh Patel
Bina Patel, Nimesh Patel Photo by WJNPHOTO
 Tracey Emin
Tracey Emin’s “It’s Different When You are In Love” was part of a lot of four works that went for over $200,000. Photo by WJNPHOTO
Becca Dudley, Georgia Arnold
Becca Dudley, Georgia Arnold Photo by WJNPHOTO
The crowd milled among luxury shops during the cocktail hour
The crowd milled among luxury shops during the cocktail hour. Photo by WJNPHOTO
Nancy Nasher, Neil Maher
Nancy Nasher, Neil Maher Photo by WJNPHOTO
Samantha McCurdy, Nancy Koen
Samantha McCurdy, Nancy Koen Photo by WJNPHOTO