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Kelly Thompson, James Bias and Fur Ball 2014 Co Chair Katy Murray
Kelly Thompson, James Bias, Katy Murray Photo by Steve Foxall
Julie Wellborn, Melissa Rountree  and Cynthia Smoot, Fur Ball 2014
Julie Wellborn, Melissa Rountree, Cynthia Smoot Photo by Steve Foxall
Janelle and Larry Friedman , Fur Ball 2014
Janelle Friedman, Larry Friedman Photo by Steve Foxall
Mary Spencer,  Holly Forsythe and James Bias, Fur Ball
Mary Spencer, Holly Forsythe, James Bias Photo by Steve Foxall
Lisa Newman, Ron Miglini and Stacy & Don Kivowitz, Fur Ball
Lisa Newman, Ron Miglini, Stacy Kivowitz, Don Kivowitz Photo by Steve Foxall
uzanne Humann, Amy Darrow, Jan Rees-Jones, Toni Shepard, Sue Muller and Valerie Jones, 2014 Fur Ball
Suzanne Humann, Amy Darrow, Jan Rees-Jones, Toni Shepard, Sue Muller, Valerie Jones Photo by Steve Foxall
Jasper, 2014 Fur Ball
Jasper, along with his friend Bailey, stole the show at the 2014 Fur Ball. Photo by Steve Foxall
Jeff Rich and Jan Miller, fur ball 2014
Jeff Rich, Jan Miller Photo by Steve Foxall
SPCA of Texas Board Chair Jocelyn White, fur ball 2014
Jocelyn White Photo by Steve Foxall
Laura Rogers, Nicole Bulcher, Kelly Garrison and Jeff King, SPCA Fur Ball
Laura Rogers, Nicole Bulcher, Kelly Garrison, Jeff King Photo by Steve Foxall