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Barbara Hines, Gerald Hines, Barbara Hines Opening
Barbara Hines, Gerald Hines Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Capera and Debbie Ryan, Barbara Hines Opening
Capera Ryan, Debbie Ryan Photo by Fulton Davenport
Jan Strimple, Barbara Hines Opening
Jan Strimple Photo by Fulton Davenport
Kim Rozelle, George Lancaster, Barbara Hines Opening
Kim Rozelle, George Lancaster Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Diane and D. Harold Byrd, III, Board Member-Museum of Biblical Art, Barbara Hines Opening
Diane Byrd, D. Harold Byrd III Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Kirk Kibler, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Scott Peck, Barbara Hines Opening
Kirk Kibler, Dr. Carolyn Farb, Scott Peck Photo by Fulton Davenport
ackClint and Judy Blman, Owner-Blumengarten, barbara hines opening
Clint Blackman, Judy Blackman Photo by Roswitha Vogler
Gayle Stoffel, Jacque Wynne, Barbara Hines opening
Gayle Stoffel, Jacque Wynne Photo by Fulton Davenport
William W., III and  Minnie Caruth, Barbara Hines opening
William W. Caruth III, Minnie Caruth Photo by Fulton Davenport
Chris and Cathy Packard, Bob Hopkins, Mysteries, Signs and Wonders:The Art of Barbara Hines
Chris Packard, Cathy Packard, Bob Hopkins Photo by Roswitha Vogler