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The Family Place Partners toast loyalists and new members at 31 in Highland Park Village

The Family Place Partners toast loyalists and new members at 31 in Highland Park Village

Last year, the Family Place celebrated the 20th year of Partners Card, the largest fundraiser for the charity. Partners Card holders receive a 20 percent discount at participating restaurants and retailers throughout the area during the much-anticipated 10-day event.

To celebrate its new members, the Family Place Partners president Jennifer Burns welcomed devotees — Kim Lewis-Gleason, Laura Pitlik, Annika Cail, Katy Duvall, Jennifer Tobin, Kaycee Holmes, Sarah McKee, and Fran and Jim Wallace — to 31, Alberto Lombardi's chic Highland Park Village lounge, for cocktails and small snacks. 

In one corner guests noshed on popcorn, nuts and fried calamari. In another, attendees shared stories about their life-long commitment to the Family Place, Dallas' largest domestic violence agency for more than 35 years. "I've been a volunteer for as long as I can remember — since I moved to Dallas," one guest told us.

Jamie Singer, events and catering manager for Village Marquee Texas Grill & Bar and the Highland Park Village theater, talked about the Partners Card and how people fly into Dallas from out of state just to shop.

That reminded us to mark our calendars for October 25, the start of the 21st annual Partners Card event.

Gay Donnell, Sara Mundell
Gay Donnell , Sara Mundell Photo by Chris Waits
Dianne Fullingim, Kim Miner
Dianne Fullingim , Kim Miner Photo by Chris Waits
Kim Lewis-Gleason, Laura Pitlik
Kim Lewis-Gleason , Laura Pitlik Photo by Chris Waits
Meagan McCracken, Carlen Long, Angela Penfold
Meagan McCracken , Carlen Long , Angela Penfold Photo by Chris Waits
Belinda Buddrus, Nancy Wechsler
Belinda Buddrus , Nancy Wechsler Photo by Chris Waits
Sarah McKee, Kaycee Holmes
Sarah McKee , Kaycee Holmes Photo by Chris Waits
Jennifer Tobin, Michelle Davenport
Jennifer Tobin , Michelle Davenport Photo by Chris Waits
Anne Conner, Gay Donnell
Anne Conner , Gay Donnell Photo by Chris Waits
Annika Cail, Jennifer Burns, Katy Duvall
Annika Cail , Jennifer Burns , Katy Duvall Photo by Chris Waits
Fran Wallace, John Wallace
Fran Wallace , John Wallace Photo by Chris Waits