Party City

This Texas city is one of 25 places in the world to party before you die

This Texas city is one of 25 places to party before you die

DJ at after paty Blu at the W for Formula 1
According to Business Insider, Austin's party scene rivals those in Las Vegas, Tel Aviv and New York.  Photo courtesy of Blu at the W

We do love a good weekend getaway to Austin, but is its party scene on par with Tel Aviv, Rio de Janeiro, Berlin and New York City? Business Insider seems to think so: It recently named the Lone Star locale one of 25 places to party before you die.

We won't argue with the designation, but the reasoning is rather overplayed. BI gives props to Copenhagen's underground arts scene, Mykonos' beach parties and Tokyo's packed karaoke bars — and then chooses to focus on Austin's Sixth Street.

"For an epic bar crawl, start on Sixth Street and make your way west through the city's eclectic bars, seeing lots of live music along the way," the article reads. Sure, you'll encounter live music on Sixth Street, but you'll also run into wild college students and random bar fights.

To find the "diverse crowd[s] of young musicians, artists, and tech and business folks" that Business Insider also touts, we suggest taking a detour and exploring the nightlife scene off Dirty Sixth.

Head to bars in surrounding neighborhoods and you'll uncover innovative bar programs, fantastic craft cocktail scenes and seriously talented musicians. Whether you're into high-rise hangs at downtown penthouses, specialty cocktails or downtime in dive bars, Austin has something for every partier. Just look beyond Sixth Street to find it.