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Survey says married women want more than frequent flyer miles while traveling

Survey says married women want more than miles at airports

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Nearly a quarter of all women on are married, and more than a quarter of them have had at least one one-night stand while traveling.

A recent survey from an unconventional dating service says that nearly 25 percent of married women are hoping to hook up on business trips., a dating site for business travelers, sexual adventurers and Hudson News enthusiasts, gave a four-question survey to its female users.

When asked whether they fantasized about having a one-night stand with a stranger while traveling alone, 63 percent responded affirmatively, which is a surprisingly low number considering the people answering the question are on a dating site devoted to people who primarily travel alone.

In reality, 27 percent of married women admitted to having at least one one-night stand while traveling solo. It’s not cheating if it’s in a different area code, right? Whatever helps you sleep on the plane.

But perhaps the most ridiculously inflated number of the whole survey is from the question, “As a married woman, do you prefer to travel with your partner?” Around 60 percent of those surveyed said they did, but that is a lie.

We all know traveling alone is 10,000 times easier than with someone else. Because when that someone else says he’s going to the bathroom, you know he’s really at the bar getting a beer, and he’s probably going to be late to board and all gassy on the plane from the wings he ate. Traveling is fun.