2017 Lakewood Home Festival

2017 Lakewood Home Festival - 6708 Lakewood Blvd.
6708 Lakewood Blvd. Photo courtesy of Lakewood Home Festival

The Lakewood Home Festival, which supports local neighborhood schools, will feature daytime tours on both Saturday and Sunday, as well as a candlelight tour on Saturday. Visitors to the Lakewood Home Festival can tour a diverse selection of inspiring Lakewood homes throughout the weekend.

Hosted by the LECPTA, the Lakewood Home Festival is a community-wide event that raises funds for Lakewood Elementary School, J.L. Long Middle School and Woodrow Wilson High School. The funds directly benefit students through the purchase of school materials, computers and enrichment programs.

Party tickets include an “all-weekend pass” with access to the home tour and candlelight tour.

Event Details


11.12.17 | 11:00 am
11.11.17 | 7:00 pm
11.11.17 | 11:00 am


2017 Lakewood Home Festival
6708 Lakewood Blvd.
Dallas, TX 75214

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