• In addition to ridding your body of toxins, a juice cleanse can help reset yoursystem so you crave good-for-you-foods like fruits and vegetables.
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  • Roots Juices offers individual juices and kits for cleanses, hangover recoveryand cocktail mixers.
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  • Pick up your meals at My Private Chef's Deep Ellum location or have themdelivered to your house.
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  • Fullosophie offers "farm to fork" meals that you can purchase ready-made or haveall the ingredients prepped to make the meal yourself.
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  • TruMeals makes fresh, calorie-portioned meals such as turkey sliders, availablefor pickup or delivery.
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  • My Fit foods follows the 40-40-20 rule for a daily average balanced meal plan.
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  • Customizable bento-style lunchboxes by My Square Meal are easy to carry too.
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  • Fill a bento-style lunchbox by My Square Meal with healthy choices.
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  • The Irving Las Colinas Marathon hopes to one day be as successful as the DallasMarathon seen here.
    Photo by Robert Bostick
  • Participants in the Irving Las Colinas Marathon will run along theCampion Trail.

  • Crowbar Cardio is the only studio in Dallas with RealRyder bikes.
    RealRyder Indoor Cycle
  • Owners Karen Soltero and Molly Setnick believe in "wrecking your workout, notyour body."
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  • Crowbar Cardio focuses on low-impact, sweat-inducing workouts.
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  • Crowbar Cardio co-owners Molly Setnick and Karen Soltero with barre instructorVlada Gorbaneva.
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  • When we workout, we like to listen to an eclectic mix, including "All FallsDown" by Kanye West.
  • To motivate yourself, buy a new pair of headphones. Even Michael Phelps wearsthem to practice.
  • Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" made our playlist.

  • Nike Training Club offers myriad exercises and workout routines to kick you intoshape this year.
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  • It'll probably take you a while to get to this pose, but Pocket Yoga guides youalong the way with routines that require some real effort.
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  • Fooducate analyzes your food intake, helps you find healthier alternatives andcounts calories to help you lose weight.
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  • Fooducate keeps track of your daily intake and grades each thing you put in yourmouth. No cheating.
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  • Sip on your juice at The Gem or grab a bottle to go.
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  • Le Jus pours juices for the cleanses into glass bottles.
  • Order Roots Pressed Juices in individual bottles or kits online, and have themdelivered to your house.
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  • Be Raw does elixirs in innovative flavors.
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  • The Juice Bar offers a variety of cold press juices, smoothies and wellnessshots.
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  • Honest Company co-founder Jessica Alba wanted to provide parents with safe,sustainable and affordable products.
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  • Build your own nutrition bar at Elementbars.com.
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  • Greenling delivers fresh local produce to your home.
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  • YumUniverse has free gluten-free, dairy-free and meat-free recipes.
  • Klutchclub is like the Birchbox of the health world.