• Plate from Muglai in North Dallas.
    Courtesy photo
  • Bins from Taj Mahal in Dallas.
    Photo by Teresa Gubbins
  • Plate from Udipi Cafe in Richardson.
    Photo by Teresa Gubbins
  • Buffet line at Madras Pavilion in Richardson
    Photo by Teresa Gubbins
  • Exterior of Madras Pavilion in Richardson
    Photo by Robert Bostick

  • Sundown at Granada makes its own veggie patty from a mix of quinoa, sunflowerbutter and soy sauce. The avocado on top is almost unwieldy.
    Photo courtesy of Sundown at Granada
  • Liberty Burger's veggie version is made with a blend of grains, vegetables andseeds bound together with hummus.
    Photo courtesy of Liberty Burger
  • Elevation Burger merits mention because its veggie burger is made of actual veg:corn kernels, chopped bell pepper, carrot and bits of broccoli.
    Photo by Marc Lee
  • Houston's/Hillstone achieves the most burger-like appearance, thanks to thesmart use of shredded beet.
    Photo by Marc Lee
  • Old Monk veggie patties are made with cashew butter, bulgar wheat and egg, whichmakes them vegetarian but not vegan.
    Photo by Teresa Gubbins
  • Spiral Diner has three veggie burger options, but we prefer the nut patty madewith sunflower seeds, carrots, brown rice and spices.
    Photo by Marc Lee

  • The enviable address at Inwood Village makes PoGo's the liquor store pick forPreston Hollow.
    Photo courtesy of Pogo's
  • Monticello Liquor is probably best known for its collection of scotch andbourbon.