DTX Good Eats 2012

In Dallas, we live to eat. We dine out all the time, share pictures of our dishes on Facebook, and pride ourselves on being the first to know about restaurant openings and closings and the comings and goings of local chefs.

At CultureMap Dallas, we talk a lot about food, anyway, but this month we’re taking it up a notch with our Good Eats editorial series. We’ll take an in-depth look at why a food critic’s anonymity is important and where —and what — you should be eating right now.

Plus we’ll talk to local restaurateurs and chefs and celebrate the best events centered around good food and conversation. So put on your eatin’ pants, because this month you’re gonna get full.


D Magazine critic Nancy Nichols

In the new social media world, anonymity for food critics may be next to impossible, but it's still a worthy goal

By Teresa Gubbins - October 1st, 2012

I was trying to reach a chef, so I messaged him on Facebook. "I can't find a photo of you online," he messaged back. "What does that matter?" I said. "I just find it humorous that you guys always try so ...

Start Restaurant in Dallas

Where to eat in Dallas right now: 10 hot restaurants for October

By Teresa Gubbins - October 2nd, 2012

October is here, and you're wondering where to eat. What are the cool spots, the top chefs and — holy mother of Paula Deen — where are the foodies hanging out? We found them. They're all here: the 10 hot restaurants in ...