2nd Annual Let’s Play Gaming Expo

Let’s Play Gaming Expo
Photo courtesy of Let’s Play Gaming Expo

The Let’s Play Gaming Expo (LPGE) sets up in Plano for another video game extravaganza. Inspired by the popular YouTube Let’s Play videos, the event celebrates everything that is gaming, both new and old school.

Gamers will be treated to an epic weekend of play at some 90 arcade cabinets, no quarters required. They can also test their skills against fellow enthusiasts in tournaments including the Retro World Series Satellite Tournament and the Classic Tetris World Championship Southern Regional Qualifier.  Attendees can rub elbows with Hungrybox – arguably the best melee player in the game today – who will be on hand for Low Tier City 4 (National Smash Bros. Tournament). There will be plenty of opportunities to buy merchandise, participate in gaming discussions and panels, enter cosplay competitions and more.

Gamers also have the option to register for the Low Tier City 4 tournament or the Classic Tetris World Championship Southern Regional Qualifier, at an extra charge. All other tournaments are free of charge with paid admission to LPGE.

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6.19.16 | 10:00 am
6.18.16 | 10:00 am


2000 E. Spring Creek Pkwy.
Plano, TX 75074


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