Kirk Hopper Fine Art presents Sharon Kopriva: Tubers, Tablets, Turfs, Tails opening reception

Forest Window by Sharon Kopriva
Photo courtesy of Kirk Hopper Fine Art

Kirk Hopper Fine Art, in conjunction with Deborah Colton Gallery, presents Tubers, Tablets, Turfs, Tails​, a solo exhibition for artist Sharon Kopriva. Marking her debut at KHFA, Houston artist Kopriva introduces a new series of works which surveys her artistic evolution as inspired by her Catholic upbringing and primitive culture, awe-inspiring nature, and the spiritual journey within that is marked by an eclectic array of mixed media works.

The title of the exhibit draws from four distinct areas of influence in Kopriva’s practice. Tubers represent her method of connecting coiled rope to create undulating figurative forms of sculpture. These works are abstract in nature, taking on human traits but also referencing amorphous root-like forms. Tablets and Turfs are vastly distinct from each other in process and size but both derive from Kopriva’s spiritual connection to the natural world and her Catholic upbringing. Lastly, Tails is a personal nod to her beloved Peruvian Hairless hounds which were considered to harness mystical powers in the Inca civilization.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will be on display through February 13.

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1.9.16 | 6:30 pm


Kirk Hopper Fine Art
3008 Commerce St.
Dallas, TX 75226


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Admission is free.