Nasher Sculpture Center presents Sightings: Michael Dean Opening Day

Nasher Sculpture Center presents Sightings: Michael Dean
Photo courtesy of Nasher Sculpture Center

The Nasher Sculpture Center will present Sightings: Michael Dean. Dean’s work explores themes of language, the act of writing, and the struggle to communicate in a variety of forms, including sculpture, photography, poetry, plays, publications, and performance.

Often made of concrete forms cast in flexible plastic bags, his sculptures sometimes vaguely resemble letters of the alphabet, human figures, or parts of the body, and are occasionally installed on top of Dean’s self-published books filled with gibberish, nonsensical phrases, or hand-drawn pictogram lettering.

Following the opening day, the exhibit will be on display through February 5, 2017.

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10.22.16 | 11:00 am


Nasher Sculpture Center
2001 Flora St.
Dallas, TX 75201


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