PDNB Gallery presents Experimental Photography opening reception

PDNB Gallery presents Experimental Photography
Barbara Maples, Abstract, No. 22, ca. 1967-68, Courtesy PDNB Gallery, Dallas, TX Photo by Barbara Maples

PDNB Gallery will present Experimental Photography, a new group exhibition. Words like the following can be used when discussing experimental photography: solarization, photogram, vortograph, rayograph, photomontage, manipulated negatives, time-lapse, double exposure, sandwiched negatives, photo-assemblage, cameraless, light-box, pinhole, camera obscura, collage, photo sculpture.

This is not a finite list of terms, but the idea is there are a multitude of ways to make a photograph, and some not conceived yet. The camera may or may not be used; the principle is mainly creative use of light. Use of these methods started in 1826, when the first permanent photograph was invented by Nicéphore Niépce.

PDNB Gallery will feature many artists who have created new pathways using light to extract unique images. This group exhibition will showcase many examples of these methods. Featured artists include: Gyory Kepes, Carlotta Corpron, Ida Lansky, Barbara Maples, Luigi Veronesi, Robert Erickson, Carlos Jurado, Harold Edgerton and Eadweard Muybridge.

Following the opening reception, the exhibit will on display through February 21, 2015.

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11.22.14 | 5:00 pm


Photographs Do Not Bend Gallery
154 Glass St. #104
Dallas, TX 75207


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Admission is free.