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Dallas stylists click at Dior and score new Lifetime show Million Dollar Shoppers

Dallas stylists score new Lifetime show Million Dollar Shoppers

Tayler Carson Sandvick, Gregg Asher, LUBLU
Tayler Sandvick and Gregg Asher will star in new Lifetime series Million Dollar Shoppers, which premieres October 10. Photo by Jason Acton

Colorful stylists Gregg Asher and Tayler Sandvick are headed to their inevitable fate: Project Runway home Lifetime TV, where they'll be featured in a new reality series called Million Dollar Shoppers.

Beginning October 10, Lifetime will air six episodes of the hour-long series, set in the world of personal shopping. Each episode will feature three personal shoppers as they try to meet the needs of their rich, famous and powerful clients. Consultations run from finding an outfit for a specific event to packing for a vacation to executing a wardrobe makeover.

With the customers’ credit cards in hand, the shoppers use their retail sense and fashion connections to purchase what they believe fulfills their clients’ visions. The clients meticulously review all purchases before approving each and every expense. Each week, viewers will follow the shoppers to see who rakes in the most commission.

Ads have already begun to air on Lifetime, with Asher prominently featured.

The shoppers featured on the series include Barbet Smith, a hockey mom and personal shopper in New York; Amy "The Garment Whisperer" Salinger, who began her career doing makeovers for The Oprah Winfrey Show; and Derek Roche, who has worked for Sex and the City stylist Patricia Field, Vibe magazine, Ralph Lauren and Condé Nast, and whose client list includes Nicki Minaj, Ne-Yo, Kobe Bryant and Jason Derulo.

As for the Dallas duo, according to the series bio, "Gregg Asher and Tayler Sandvick met at the Christian Dior grand opening party. The two instantly clicked and, together, use their fierce fashion sense and outgoing personalities to take the fashion scene by storm for clients who live in New York, Los Angeles and Dallas.

"People often think they are siblings because they fight like brother and sister, but with Sandvick’s couture background and Asher’s crazy eccentric style, the two complement each other perfectly."

The show premieres October 10 at 10:30 pm, immediately following Project Runway, before moving to its regular time slot at 10 pm on October 24.

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