eBay Now Hits Dallas

eBay launches 1-hour Dallas delivery service in nick of time for holidays

eBay launches 1-hour delivery service in Dallas

Everyone's favorite online shopping site eBay has finally launched its one-hour shopping program in Dallas, which claims to deliver merchandise in about an hour. Called eBay Now, the service was originally predicted to arrive in Dallas during the summer; actual launch date was December 10.

Dallas follows a small group of cities with the service, such as Chicago and New York. It premiered in San Francisco, the company's headquarters, in 2012.

 Delivery will be free on all orders through December 24. On Christmas Eve, deliveries will be made until 6 pm.

The delivery fee is $5. For holiday shoppers, delivery will be free on all orders through December 24. On Christmas Eve, deliveries will be made until 6 pm.

Orders in Dallas will be delivered by third-party courier companies through Shutl, a same-day delivery startup that it recently acquired to help its expansion into other markets. Users visit ebay.com/now and shop online at stores in their neighborhood. They place their order — a minimum of $25 — and receive their items in about an hour.

Stores on the list include Macy's, Toys R Us, Babies R Us, Best Buy, Urban Outfitters, Home Depot, Free People, Office Depot, Finish Line, RadioShack, Guitar Center, Walgreens and GNC. The service area spans as far east as Sunnyvale, as far north as Frisco and McKinney, and as far west as Irving. Some stores may not be available in certain delivery zones.

eBay says that it can deliver almost all products shown in eBay Now — "basically those that fit inside of a car." Items it won't deliver include alcohol, tobacco, prescription drugs, major appliances, TVs larger than 42 inches, large furniture, items that require a service contract such as certain cell phones and electronics, and any product too large to fit inside a car.

eBay Now
eBay Now, which claims to make deliveries in an hour, launched in Dallas December 10. Photo courtesy of eBay Now
Coverage area ranges from downtown Dallas to northern suburbs. Photo courtesy of eBay