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Independence Gardens is a parent-led nonprofit organization founded in 2013. Its overall mission is to connect kids with food through actionable, impactful nutrition education programs. This is accomplished through partnership with schools and the community. It begins with an experiential, edible, outdoor learning space and progresses to a hands-on, student-led (and chef-driven) Come and Eat IT! Campaign.

This collaborative approach provides every child an engaging, meaningful, and transformative education experience that is action based, playful, passionate, leadership-focused, and engaging. Independence Gardens' programs foster and develop in children life skills such as self esteem, leadership, decision-making, nutrition, and love of community.

Since the organization began in 2013, the program has connected thousands of students to the food they are growing and eating, helping them make healthier food choices.

Do you love gardening? Can you work a saw? Do you love food? Then the outdoor learning spaces in Independence Gardens' network need you. There are several volunteer opportunities available.

Your generosity provides students in the community with experiential programs that sprout their educational journey. From edible gardening, a student-run farmers market, live cooking activities with chefs, and teaching families that fresh cooked food is as easy as growing peas, it all depends on donations.

Come and Eat IT! is Independence Gardens' signature event that connects children to the food they are growing and eating through a chef-driven, student-led cooking event. Held in May, students, chefs, teachers, parents, and community leaders rally for improved nutrition education. Each year, thousands of students in the Dallas-Fort Worth participate in this event.

Garden To Table is the group's signature fundraising event. Local chefs rally for improved nutrition education by curating dishes inspired by vegetables grown in the Community School Gardens within the Independence Gardens network.

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