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Young Texans Against Cancer Dallas

Young Texans Against Cancer (YTAC) is an independent, nonprofit organization comprised of young men and women who have been affected by cancer and are seeking to become more actively involved in the cancer community. The organization is focused on raising funds for local research and support organizations, using its member base to increase awareness of volunteer organizations, and helping to educate the community on cancer research.

You can sign up to be a member of Young Texans Against Cancer, donate here, or volunteer.

Young Texans Against Cancer hosts a variety of signature events: STRUT: Fashion Show; Chili Cook Off; YTRAC: Young Texans RACE Against Cancer; BubblyQ; and Drive Away Cancer: Golf Tournament. On top of those signature events, they also host smaller functions in which members can socialize, advocate, and network.

Young Texans Against Cancer has four different types of membership: $50 for an individual annual membership, $85 for a couples annual membership, $350 for an individual lifetime membership, and $500 for a couples lifetime membership. To learn more and become a member, click here.