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The Conservancy

Bought by the City of Dallas in 1909, today's Oak Lawn Park has been in use as a park since at least 1892. Over $8,000,000 in private funds has been raised and invested so far in new gardens and other park amenities. The Conservancy continues to raise funds for the thoughtful development of the park. Through the years, the park has been home to movie nights and picnics, and was a focal point of the 1970s Dallas hippie culture. It has been, and will continue to be, a greenspace for gathering.

Built in 1939, Arlington Hall was originally used as a "field house" that included lockers for recreation and housed USO Dances and Red Cross Blood Drives during wartime. Generations of weddings, receptions and other events were held in the hall, though limited city funding and maintenance caught up with the building. For over thirty years, Arlington Hall, and its surrounding public park area had suffered significant neglect and decay. Several neighbors and five community organizations came together to create The Conservancy (formerly Lee Park & Arlington Hall Conservancy), so that initial funds could be raised, construction implemented, ongoing maintenance performed, and revenue-generating events and programs executed

The annual budget for caring for the park and hall does not include city funds. Private donations, memberships, and events are responsible for the work it takes to keep both beautiful.

From sampling the best in Dallas food, beverage and entertainment to supporting good causes and making new human and canine friends, Oak Lawn Park offers a breadth of recreation. Join in for teas, luncheons, informative and entertaining speaker series, parties, neighborhood events, and more.

Join others who believe that this park and hall deserve an elevated level of care. Become a member of The Conservancy and show how much you believe in the past and the future.

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